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Welcome to HB Handyman appliance installation services. Ensure that your appliances, like refrigerators and dishwashers, are securely installed, keeping your food fresh and reducing potential water damage. Attention to detail extends to ovens and microwaves, ensuring safe cooking and convenient reheating. Experience smooth operation for laundry appliances. We also provide bathroom installations, such as toilets and fixtures, guaranteeing reliable and sanitary use. From homeowners seeking convenience to property managers attracting tenants, and business owners, our services cater to your needs. We deliver safe, reliable, and hassle-free appliance installations tailored to your requirements.

Appliance Installation

Kitchen Appliances, Laundry, Toilets, AC Units, TV-Mounting

Residential Appliance Installation

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  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Laundry Appliances
  • Bathroom Appliances
  • Heating and Cooling Appliances
  • Water-Related Appliances
  • Garage Appliances
  • Home Entertainment Appliances
  • Ceiling Fans and Light Fixtures
  • Outdoor Appliances

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Kitchen Appliances

Refrigerator Installation

Dishwasher Installation

Range or Oven Installation

Microwave Installation


Laundry Appliances

Washer and Dryer Installation

Bathroom Appliances

Toilet Installation

Showerhead or Faucet Installation



Heating and Cooling Appliances

Air Conditioner Installation

Heater or Furnace Installation


Water-Related Appliances

Water Heater Installation

Water Filtration System Installation


Garage Appliances

Garage Door Opener Installation

Home Entertainment Appliances

TV Wall Mounting

Home Theater System Setup


Ceiling Fans and Light Fixtures

Ceiling Fan Installation

Light Fixture Installation



Outdoor Appliances

Patio Heater Installation

Grill Installation




Installing AC Unit

Comprehensive Appliance Installation Services

Kitchen Appliances

Refrigerator Installation:  Installing a refrigerator involves more than just placing it in your kitchen. Ensure it’s level to prevent any door swing or operational issues. Secure it properly so it won’t wobble or move during use, and connect it to the power and water supply lines for peak performance and efficiency. Proper installation also helps in maintaining the refrigerator’s warranty. This benefits homeowners and business owners by ensuring the appliance’s longevity and preventing food spoilage.

Dishwasher Installation: Connect water and drain lines, securely fasten the dishwasher in place, and conduct thorough leak testing. Proper installation is crucial for a hassle-free dishwashing experience. This translates to reliable appliances and fewer tenant maintenance calls for apartment complex managers and Airbnb property managers. Business owners can benefit from a smoothly operating kitchen, reducing downtime and ensuring employees a clean and efficient work environment.

Range or Oven Installation: The correct installation of your range or oven is essential for safe cooking. Hooking up the gas line can be tricky. Ensure it’s level and firmly anchored, making sure it’s correctly connected to gas or electricity. For homeowners, this means peace of mind while cooking, while apartment complex managers can provide safety to their residents. Airbnb property managers can improve guest satisfaction, and business owners can maintain a kitchen that meets safety standards.

Microwave Installation: Installing a microwave may seem simple, but take care to securely mount it, guarantee proper ventilation, and ensure all electrical connections are correct. Many stylish microwave cupboards offer discreet storage for convenient cooking and reheating. 

Laundry Appliances

Washer and Dryer Installation: Proper installation of washers and dryers includes leveling and securing both appliances, connecting hoses and vents, and conducting rigorous testing. This benefits homeowners, apartment complex managers, Airbnb property managers, and business owners. For tenants, it means reliable laundry facilities, better property value for Airbnb properties, and reduced downtime for business owners in facilities with on-site laundry services.

Bathroom Appliances

Toilet Installation: When installing a toilet, focus on making sure it’s appropriately sealed to the floor and connects to the water supply without any leaks. Apartment complex managers can prevent maintenance calls related to plumbing. Airbnb property managers and business owners can maintain clean and functional bathrooms for guests and employees.

Showerhead or Faucet Installation: Install new fixtures properly to guarantee they work just the way they should, with no leaks, giving you a refreshing and water-saving shower experience. This translates to a more eco-friendly and cost-effective bathing experience. Apartment complex managers can save on water bills, Airbnb property managers can attract eco-conscious guests, and business owners can create sustainable and stylish restroom facilities.

Cooling Appliances

Air Conditioner Installation: Proper installation secures the unit in the window or wall, connects the electrical components just right, and maintains it’s sealed properly. This means a cool and energy-efficient temperature for homeowners and consistent temperature control for businesses and rental properties, leading to happy residents, guests, and employees. Proper installation can also save energy costs in the long run.

Water-Related Appliances

Water Heater Installation: Secure the water heater in place, hook up the water and gas/electricity connections, and conduct safety inspections to provide hot water for showers and household tasks without a hitch. This enables a reliable supply of hot water for homeowners, a desirable amenity for apartment complexes and Airbnb guests, and a critical component for businesses reliant on hot water for operations.

Water Filtration System Installation: Installing filters and connecting the system to the water supply ensures clean and safe drinking water, which is crucial for homeowners concerned about water quality. Apartment complex managers can attract health-conscious tenants, Airbnb property managers can enhance the guest experience, and business owners can provide safe and clean drinking water for employees, clients, and customers.

Garage Appliances

Garage Door Opener Installation: Proper installation securely mounts the opener, sets up the remote control, and ensures smooth and safe door operation. Experience reliable access to the garage. Apartment complex managers and Airbnb property managers can provide secure parking solutions. Business owners can offer easy access to employees and clients.

Home Entertainment Appliances

TV Wall Mounting: We’ll get that TV up on the wall, hide the wiring, and optimize the viewing angle, saving you space and giving you a great home theater experience. This means an immersive entertainment setup for homeowners, while apartment complexes and Airbnb property managers can provide value-added amenities. Business owners can set up waiting rooms or break areas that cater to the entertainment needs of their clientele.

Home Theater System Setup: We connect and configure all the audio and video components to give you a top-notch home theater experience, making your entertainment easy and enjoyable. This benefits homeowners seeking a high-end home theater experience. Apartment complex and Airbnb property managers can market their properties as entertainment hubs. Business owners can create a cutting-edge meeting or presentation space that enhances their brand and impresses clients.


Ceiling Fans and Light Fixtures

Ceiling Fan Installation: Set up a ceiling fan so it’s balanced and wired up just right, keeping you cool and eco-friendly. Equip your home or office with comfortable and energy-efficient cooling for homeowners and businesses. Apartment complexes and Airbnb property managers can provide additional comfort amenities to residents and guests.

Light Fixture Installation: Experience a well-lit home office that looks great and feels comfortable. Upgrade light fixtures to give your room an added spark. Apartment complexes and Airbnb property managers can improve property value and guest satisfaction. Business owners can create inviting and well-lit commercial spaces that attract customers and enhance the overall ambiance.

Outdoor Appliances

Patio Heater Installation: Securely set up patio heaters to ensure safety so you can enjoy the outdoors even when it’s chilly. This means extended outdoor comfort during cooler months for homeowners and businesses. Apartment complexes and Airbnb property managers can create outdoor communal spaces that attract and retain tenants and guests.

Grill Installation: Is it BBQ season? Ensure your grill is ready for outdoor cooking by assembling your BBQ properly so you can enjoy easy and tasty meals. Homeowners can set up their backyard cooking area, creating a space for family and friends to gather. Apartment complex managers can offer community barbecue amenities, Airbnb property managers can enhance property value, and business owners can create spaces for client and employee gatherings.

Why Hire a Professional Maintenance Worker?

Consider the benefits of hiring a professional handyperson or maintenance worker for your appliance installation. 

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