Repair Services

Commercial and Residential Handyworker

For Emergency Handyman Services please call this number: 714-430-8419

We’re transforming life along the stunning Huntington Beach coastline. Our mission? To deliver repair services that go beyond expectations, leaving your property restored and elevated to a new level of coastal lifestyle.

General Repairs

Leaky faucet, jammed garage door opener, clogged garbage disposal, washing machine, jammed sliding glass door.

Expert Repairs Tailored to Your Needs

As professional property maintenance workers, we specialize in a wide range of repair services, addressing residential and commercial needs in the beautiful Huntington Beach area. Our skilled team is dedicated to delivering top-notch solutions, ensuring your space is fixed and transformed with precision and care.

General Repairs

   – Fixing leaky faucets and pipes

   – Repairing or replacing damaged electrical outlets and switches

   – Patching and painting walls

   – Fixing or replacing doors and windows



Maintenance Services

  – Routine property maintenance for homes and businesses

   – HVAC system maintenance and repairs

   – Gutter cleaning and repair

   – Lawn and garden maintenance


Commercial Property Services

   – Office space renovations and repairs

   – Commercial building maintenance

   – Flooring repairs and replacements

   – Lighting fixture installations and repairs



Emergency Repair Services

  – 24/7 emergency repair services for urgent issues

   – Rapid response to water damage and electrical emergencies

Picture of HB Handyman installing new power outlets for a home in Huntington Beach, California

General Repairs

Our general repair services have seen everything from tackling those pesky leaky faucets to reviving doors and windows. Picture this: we’ve worked our magic on properties inspired by the timeless durability of Milgard windows and the sleek innovations of Samsung smart appliances. We don’t just fix; we ensure your coastal abode is working and stylish.

Maintenance Services

Now, when it comes to maintenance, we’re not just doing the basics; we’re crafting a maintenance experience like no other. Whether it’s routine property care, pampering your HVAC system, or giving your lawn some love, HB Handyman keeps your coastal property in top-notch condition all year round. We’re talking about preserving the aesthetic appeal of homes and increasing their value.

Commercial Property Repairs

Business owners, we’ve got your back too! From office renovations to ongoing building care, our commercial repair services are tailored to enhance your professional coastal environment. Think of structures equipped with top-tier HVAC systems and windows – we’ve handled it all, ensuring your business space reflects the excellence of the brands it’s built on.

Emergency Repair Services

Unexpected issues happen; when they do, our 24/7 emergency repair services are here for you. Whether it’s water damage in properties boasting reliable Whirlpool appliances or electrical emergencies in spaces powered by trusted Generac generators, Huntington Beach Handyman is your rapid-response team, ready to tackle any challenge.

Feel the coastal breeze and the transformation happening? That’s HB Handyman – where precision meets Pacific bliss, and every repair is an opportunity to elevate. Welcome to a new level of property maintenance.